Below you will find instructions for subscribing to Rising On Air audio lessons on your mobile device.

Android users

  1. The first step is to install a podcasting app on your Android device.The Rising On Air audio lessons are compatible with any standard podcasting app. Unless you have a specific app preference, we recommend installing the open source AntennaPod app from the Google Play Store. AntennaPod does not require much memory to run, making it ideal for low memory phones like Techno.
  2. Upon installing AntennaPod onto your device, visit the subscription page of either the general feed, which contains all of our latest audio lessons, or the feed of a specific category using the dropdown menu at the top-right hand side of the page (e.g., Liberia Upper Primary Literacy).
  3. Select “Android” from the Subscription panel.
  4. This will open your AntennaPod app on the Rising On Air podcast page. If it does not open your AntennaPod app automatically, do the following:
    1. Copy the entire URL under the text “Or subscribe with your favorite app by using the address below”.
      For example,
    2. Manually open your AntennaPod app.
    3. Open the menu on the top-left hand corner and click “Add Podcast”.
    4. Enter the URL of the feed your copied earlier into the “Add Podcast by URL” section.
    5. Click “Confirm” at the bottom-right hand side of the page.
  5. Upon subscribing to the desired audio feed, you may begin to play back the audio lessons.


iPhone users

  1. If you are using an iPhone, you may press the “Apple Podcasts” button on the desired subscription page.
  2. If the “Apple Podcasts” option is not available, then open your iTunes app and press “Library” on the bottom. Next, press “Edit” on the top-right hand side and “Add a Show by URL”.
  3. Paste the URL underneath the “Or subscribe with your favorite app by using the address below” section.
    For example,