Sierra Leone – Upper Primary – Literacy

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COVID-19 Teaching By Radio Program Country: Sierra Leone Level: Upper Primary Subject: Literacy

With the closure of schools due to the COVID19 pandemic, Rising has adapted our foundational numeracy content to create a radio program that will strengthen and build students’ foundational numeracy skills even when they are out of school. Our approach builds off decades of research into the science of how children learn mathematical concepts. Students learning at home require no learning materials but there is the option to provide printable worksheets and additional support via SMS. Our math program has been simplified to two learning levels: (1) lower primary students in Grades 1-3 and (2) upper primary students in Grades 4-6. Focusing on these two grade bands allows for a streamlined approach making it easier for families and children to follow when they are out of school. Each lesson starts with an introductory health and safety message. The learning content focuses on the foundational skills that all students need to master to be successful later in their education. The lower primary program builds understanding of place value, addition and subtraction. There is an emphasis on building students’ mathematical vocabulary and number fluency. Regular practice of counting builds students’ preparedness for multiplication and division. The upper primary program extends understanding of place value to include larger numbers; consolidates understanding of addition and subtraction; and builds understanding of multiplication and division. Mental math problems give students the chance to enhance number fluency.



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